Winnipeg, MB | Metal


Winterruption Performance Details

show date
January 26

show time
11:10 pm

show venue
The Starlite Room

show notes:

winterruption yeg mascot


Withdrawal started back in 2008, after our previous bands kind of fell apart. The 5 of us wanted to do a band that was similar to Ringworm or Catharsis or All Out War—something that just wasn’t around back then in Western Canada. We basically wanted to be the antithesis of the clean-cut Christian metalcore and melodic hardcore nonsense that was prevalent regionally at the time.

We did some records with A389 and Escapist, we did some tours through Canada and the States. Members came and went, some onto better things (our friends in Serration) and some just disappeared. Never the most prolific but we did our best for a band made up of degenerates from a small, cold city far removed from anywhere else.