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Winterruption Performance Details

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January 28

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Downtown Edmonton Community League

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Tzadeka’s front woman, Maigan van der Giessen is an Edmonton artist and innovator who has been making music with DJ Marek Czuba for over a decade, w numerous local side projects that break traditional boundaries of musical design and content. Just take a listen and you will recognize the strange, subversive and subliminal tones of Tzadeka!

Tzadeka’s underground sound is both rich and distinct, with a quality that hooks you and drowns you within its fearsome and murky depths. Maigan’s smoky vocals, brutal honesty and hypnotic lyrical flow make her welcome and truly unforgettable.

“Jazzy, spicy hip hop refusing to be R&B” -Edmonton Sun
“A fresh and laid-back style” -Edmonton Sun
“Producer Madame Wang makes Pharrell Williams look like an over-zealous amateur.” -Edmonton Journal
“Sounds as if Ani DiFranco joined the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy with Jill Sobule as the back-up singer, the rhythm section from Soul Coughing and Tom Waits playing a one-string guitar. Clear enough?” -MIke Ross, Gig City