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The California Cure

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January 25

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Cask & Barrell

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You’ll ask “What genre is The California Cure?”. In response you will hear “They’re country….well but they’re also rock….and this song is more soul…” But what you’ll hear in your head long after a night with The California Cure is the pioneered chime of Edmonton’s own “Prairie Soul.”
Birthed from the fusing of acoustic duo Punchable Faces, music history Die Hard Horizontal Basser Vance MacLean and seasoned vets on Steel, Keys and Sticks – The California Cure churn out a smoked out and vibey wavelength driven by 90’s inspired guitar lines with a technical yet stylistic rhythm section, pulled together by a Bob Ross worthy palette on keys and a pulling puppeteer on the rarely found pedal steel, surging into and out of sight like flashes in a stormy night.
Their catalogue moves through a twisting of tales near and far, truth and dare. From lunar influences and late night phantoms, to tales of love, life, loss….and screen time.
So what is The California Cure? They are Edmonton’s first Prairie Soul band!! Dashes of Blue Rodeo here, visits from Garage grunge there, a call back to Burrito Brothers and a harkening to the shine and pang of 50s soul.