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The Bobby Tenderloin Universe

Winterruption Performance Details

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April 8

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Rocky Mountain Ice House

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Well, some may say that the legend of Bobby Tenderloin begins much like every other legendary story you have ever heard. Others may say that the magic is in the details.

One thing is for certain, The Bobby Tenderloin Universe is a place where mishaps become miracles, & dreams come true.

The legend begins on a fateful day in March, not so long ago, where a new universe was born, that saw the birth of Bobby Tenderloin & the passing of a preacher, who was a husband to a ragtime pianist, & grandfather to none other than, Bobby Tenderloin.

Legend says that on that day, the spirit of the preacher was passed onto Bobby Tenderloin, as his devotion to lifting people & expressing words of unconditional love through music, was noted at a young age. This was the foundation of the profound bond formed between Bobby Tenderloin & his grandmother, as hours, days & eventually years were spent, side by side, in front of ivory keys. An ancient craft of artistry & music was passed to Bobby Tenderloin.

The story of Bobby Tenderloin is one of legends, mystical death, a sacred transfer, a cosmic continuum, & is written in the stars & hearts of every being that ever was, is or will be.

Welcome to the universe…