Edmonton, AB | Hip Hop


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January 25

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Rocky Mountain Icehouse

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Tariq Bakir (TARiiiQ) is a multi-faceted vocalist, DJ, and producer from Edmonton, AB. His style is versatile and modern yet shows true appreciation and acknowledgments of the roots and foundations. TARiiiQ is built a name for himself through his “true school” boom-bap tracks with fierce bars and jazzy aesthetics. But don’t pigeonhole him to that as he has a vast variety of unreleased tracks spanning from trap, downtempo, psychedelic sounds, and lofi. As he grows and evolves, so does his sound. 

Starting his journey in music as a DJ Tariq has a depth of knowledge and understanding in all types of music and is aiming to combine all of his influences as he continues to release. He has played notable venues in his hometown of Edmonton including headline performances at the coveted Starlite Room, and festivals including Borealis Festival, Friendzy Fest, North Country Fair and Jazz Fest. He has opened for acts such as Ivy Lab, Afroman, Dizzy Wright, and Jarren Benton. As a DJ Tariq was known for his versatility spinning everything from bass music, house, hip-hop, reggae, dancehall, and more in one set. During his heavy involvement in the electronic music scene, he also picked up the mic and made a name as a live MC, lacing drum and bass and grime sets with his signature rapid flow and cadence. 

The later half of 2019 saw an evolution in the direction of Tariq’s music. He started to focus more on creating original music with a message true to himself, and less on the live/dance aspect. Since childhood, Tariq was always a die-hard hip-hop fan and spent most of his high school years freestyling in ciphers. Feeling reinspired by his roots, while also carrying the vast musical influences over the years as a DJ with him, Tariq began his journey as a songwriter and recording artist. He has since been dropping music on a monthly basis and has amassed hundreds of thousands of collective streams. 


As of late, Tariq has teamed up with a killer group of musicians and has formed TARiiiQ & The Golden Eyes. While the idea was to have a backing band for some live recordings at first, having the caliber of talented musicians of various background had inevitably shaped the sound. The Golden Eyes are an undoubtedly hip-hop group, but have incorporated elements of Reggae, Soul, Funk and more to create a unique and bobbing sound. The live show consists of live reworks of Tariq’s popular tracks as well as some originals created purely organically by the group. Since its Inception in 2022, they have headlined the Starlite and played respected festivals such as North Country Fair, and JazzFest. Expect an energetic jammy set with tons of ebbs and flows for everyone!