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Stop Podcasting Yourself

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April 2

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Downtown Edmonton Community League

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Stop Podcasting Yourself is a 3-time Canadian Comedy Award winning podcast based out of Vancouver, BC. The weekly free form comedy podcast, whichfeatures a different guest each week,has fans around the worldand is the only Canadian podcast featured on the Maximum Fun network.Stop Podcasting Yourself has been around since 2008, recorded over 400 episodes and has beenvotedbest podcast in Vancouver by both the Georgia Straight and the Westender.Past guests include Paul F Tompkins, John Hodgman, Jen Kirkman, Jon Dore, Brent Butt, Nikki Glaser, Jimmy Pardo, and Debra DiGiovanni. “Shumka and Clark capture the absurdity of everyday situations in a way that makes it hard for an episode of Stop Podcasting Yourselfto disappoint.” -Onion AV Club”SPY is the only podcast I listen to regularly. Graham and Dave are hilarious and genuinely spontaneous. They also manage to come across as truly pleasant young chaps, even when they’re eviscerating some shallow showbiz bonehead.” -Brent Butt”Get to know it. You won’t be disappointed.” -The Georgia Straight”One of my absolute favourites, the delightful Stop Podcasting Yourself!” –Paul F. Tompkins