Calgary, AB | Roots

Sean Hamilton & The Amber Hour

Winterruption Performance Details

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January 27

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Rocky Mountain Icehouse

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A songwriter pens his latest in a battered notebook. It’s a love song for his siren; he’s found his muse. Sean Hamilton and the Amber Hour feel like George and Tammy, or maybe Mick and Marianne, an incandescent love that lights dive bars everywhere: Mimi’s Neon Red. Perfect harmonies elevate effortlessly cool rock and roll, all Tom Petty craft and no petty squabbles here, no sir. In for this year: releasing music with your best friend, legit enjoying kitsch, writing hooks for the sake of a good hook. Out: cynicism, irony, and anything that gets in the way of feeling your feelings.

Two rhinestone punks on parade, flashing their perfect aesthetics and dazzling earworms. They can perform as a duo with a beat up acoustic guitar, or they go into full flight with their backing band of buds. She’s his muse, he’s her three chords and earnest truths.