Calgary | Roots

Sean Hamilton

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April 2

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Cask & Barrel

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Sean Hamilton can’t remember a time when music wasn’t a driving force in his life, inspiring him and shaping him. For the last ten years he has played in countless cities in countless bars and crossed endless miles of highway to become the artist he is today; a purposeful storyteller who writes and plays with passion, honesty and infectious energy. His years of playing across multiple genres has honed his sound into a blend of Canadian folk rock that is cleverly articulated and beautifully orchestrated. Sean dextrously blends the styles of influences like Bruce Springsteen, Laura Jane Grace, Bright Eyes and Bob Dylan, while firmly maintaining his own unique voice. Each song is thoughtfully presented, wryly observational and full of beautiful images that envelope the listener entirely.

Few songwriters of his generation have the ability to be so honestly articulate about life–which never turns out as planned–while simultaneously making you want to shout from the rooftops about how lucky you are to be living it. Sean finds beauty in heartbreak and humour in mistakes and as a result has created a style that is almost impossible not to love.