Edmonton, AB | Punk

Moving Bodies

Winterruption Performance Details

show date
January 25

show time

show venue
Temple (west stage Starlite Room)

show notes:

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Moving Bodies formed from the ashes of Raptors (another local rock outfit) in 2015. We play a mixed bag of heavy rock with a tinge of pop sensibilities . We have played with other local favourites like Black Mastff, Of Whale and Wolf, We Were Friends, Mothercraft and Sparrow Blue.

We have been playing in Edmonton for over 15 years in various bands and projects. We are active participants in attending local shows and are very much a part of Edmonton’s burgeoning music scene. We all met at Grant MacEwan in 2002 and have been friends and bandmates ever since. We recently obtained the #1 slot on CJSR’s Top 30 and were featured on the local Cups and Cakes Podcast. Hope you enjoy the music!! Cheers!