Edmonton | Pop

Josh Sahunta

Winterruption Performance Details

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January 25

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The Station on Jasper

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Hi, I’m Josh Sahunta and I’m from Edmonton, Canada. I like to think that my music sounds a bit like if The Weeknd were to play guitar the way John Mayer does, but write songs the way Ed Sheeran does. I play music because I love people and I love unpacking the emotions we all feel. I graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Psychology and have always been fascinated with how people cope with difficulties in life such as heartbreak and disappointment. I write about these topics a lot.

When I graduated university in 2017, I had already been accepted into further schooling but I had always had a dream of doing music full time. I said to myself that I would take one year off and release an album. If that album did well, I’d continue pursuing music, if not, I would go back to school. Later that same year I released my debut album “Dissonance”, which began charting on radio across Canada and it began opening doors for me internationally as well. Since then, I have toured in Canada twice, and more recently, I toured across England. I have been invited to showcase at festivals across Canada and the US, and I was even invited to teach music in Uganda, Africa for a few weeks.

I’m passionate about humanity and reaching the people that society overlooks, and my hope for my music is that even one person hears it and feels understood in whatever struggle they are facing.