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Joe & The Shitboys

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January 27

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Abrasively jubilant, and violently joyous – Joe & The Shitboys are a band recklessly ready to tear through every town between their Faroe Island’s homestead and as far as their ragtag bag of tunes will carry them.

How they got here however is a mystery, most of all to the band themselves. “We just tried to make the shittiest punk 7”,” guitarist Ziggy Shit laughs while shrugging. “At the beginning at least, we tried to make sure every riff was really bad and people kept telling us that the riffs are great.”

Their whirlwind story begins a couple of years ago, when he was helping clear out an old school to be repurposed for student accommodation, amongst the rubble, ruin and paraphernalia, in the abandoned art room lay some artwork.

“I’ll be right back,” Ziggy says. Disappearing from his box on Zoom, while vocalist Joe sits smirking, “This is exciting!” Reappearing from around the corner of his room (in that very same building) with a frame, flipping it around to reveal the artwork that adorns almost everything Joe & The Shitboys have released, merch and all, astonishment adorns his face.

Featuring crudely drawn weapons – a pair of shears, brass knuckles, a baseball bat, and a handgun – with “The Reson For Hardcore Vibes” adorning the top. It was fate. “I remember we were doing this session with another friend of ours, something that never turned into anything,” Ziggy recalls. “The artwork was just standing on a shelf and he kept asking if he could use it for his artwork. And I was like, ‘No, no, it doesn’t fit musically. I’m going to use it for something else.’ It has to make sense.”