Edmonton, AB | Pop


Winterruption Performance Details

show date
January 26

show time

show venue
Abbey Glen Park

show notes:

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Between Jenesa’s sultry knockdown vocals, Alexander’s mastery of strings and their talent for tasteful harmonies, Jenesia is a must see. A powerhouse of musical talent, they are skilled at evoking emotion, story-telling and connecting with their audiences. Masters of genre-blending, they offer a combination of jazz, blues, folk, and rock in their modern-meets-vintage pop musicality. Their sound is as unique as their influences are diverse, encompassing such artists as John Mayer, Amy Winehouse, Bruno Mars and Imagine Dragons. Recognized for their compelling story-driven and intelligent lyrics, they stand out from the current musical climate. In addition to upbeat and romantic melodies, they offer songs that tackle such difficult issues as poverty, addiction, child sexual abuse, and domestic violence with a tact and

authenticity that doesn’t overwhelm. Drawing on personal experience they use

their music as a platform for awareness and justice, endeavouring to become

a voice for the voiceless. Jenesia truly has an innate gift for transforming

tragedy into something beautiful.