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Jane Inc

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January 26

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Faster Than I Can Take is Carlyn Bezic’s sophomore album as Jane Inc., a solo project forged after years of building her bona fides in the Toronto music scene with groups like U.S. Girls, Darlene Shrugg and acclaimed dance-pop duo Ice Cream. Pitchfork called Jane Inc’s first album, 2020’s Number One, “dazzling… [Bezic] proves herself a musical Swiss Army knife, capable of anything and revelling in her multiplicity.” On Faster Than I Can Take, she uses all the tools at her disposal – a Prince-like ability to shred harmonic guitar riffs over deep, danceable grooves, an eagerness to experiment with form, and lyricism that seamlessly links the personal and the political – to focus the multifaceted energy of Number One into something completely singular. A disco-inflected, danceable meditation on the permeable boundaries between our interior and exterior worlds, Faster Than I Can Take is an album that you can listen to at a party or alone in your apartment – but no matter where you listen, it will make you dance.