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Winterruption Performance Details

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January 24

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Rocky Mountain Icehouse

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The sweet Americana-inspired folk songs and dreamy harmonies of Jeff Stuart and Lindsay Pratt have been known to coax a tear or two from audiences on occasion. It’s anyone’s guess as to whether that’s because of their lovely music, or because of Pratt’s mischievously charming ‘stand-up’ style stage banter, where she often makes Stuart the object of her playful ridicule. Either way, bring some Kleenex!

Lindsay Pratt is a Western Canadian Music Award-winning singer-songwriter. She currently fronts the band Party Jacket and was one-half of the BC-based folk/roots duo, Twin Peaks. Jeff Stuart is the longtime frontman of Alberta indie-folk band, The Hearts. Their paths crossed somewhere along the way, and now they’re on the road together. Holidays in Canada are scheduled to record their debut offering in early 2024.