Edmonton, AB | alternative

Good Rumour

Winterruption Performance Details

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January 23

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show venue
Starlite Room/Temple

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The guys in Good Rumour haven’t quit their day jobs. An eclectic handful of Edmonton’s music scene, this alt-rock indie-rock whatever-rock band is a mixed bag passion project that cares about the songs and the shows and not much else. The result can be explosive; disguised under soft-vocals and moody bits there’s no question that Good Rumour likes to play big and loud. Still, this is optimistic music, and brooding as it can be, there’s something thoughtful and careful underneath. That’s what drove the making of their debut Always Here (2019), an album about taking care of ourselves and others. The songs try to mix things up, to avoid the progressions that you’re used to, and to keep you guessing. The music is haunting, but affable – driven, but not intimidating. Always Here took three years to make, but it goes to show that this hobby of a band is dedicated to making music, making it together, and making it as exciting as they can.