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Experience Points

Winterruption Performance Details

show date
January 29

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show venue
The Backyard

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winterruption yeg mascot


Experience Points (EXP) is a critically acclaimed VGM band combining groove-based music with classic video game melodies. Based in Edmonton, this dynamic group of musicians has performed for Video Game themed events including Video Games Live, VGMTogether, and Extra-Life, usually as a full 6-piece band with horns, but sometimes as small as a 2-piece “EXP Pocket”; a smaller, lighter unit that requires fewer batteries and fitting easily in your pocket. When Experience Points performs, audience members can expect a high-energy show that will keep you dancing all night long.

Currently, EXP is working on their newest record, “K.K. & The Sliders” featuring music from Animal Crossing, and will be released November 4, 2021. Their debut album, “Try Blowing on the Cartridge” a conglomeration of classic video game tunes, was released in 2018 and is now available on Bandcamp!