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Electric Audrey 2

Winterruption Performance Details

show date
January 25

show time

show venue
Downtown Edmonton Community League

show notes:

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Electric Audrey 2 is an electrifying, tantalizing, energizing group of gents specializing in a comical and eclectic live performance. Hailing from the frozen lands of Edmonton, Alberta, they came together in the spring of 2015 to explore new sounds. If there was one word to describe this band, it would be silly country western ragtime rockabilly. That was a trick statement, there really wasn’t one word that could describe their performance.

Anyway, the band consists of Oakland on guitar & lead vocals, Derek on drums, Zerk on bass, Jarret on the fiddle, Stacy on lead guitar and Jason on trumpet and keyboards. Their music video “Chicken Lover” sums up the temperament of the band well, and you should check it out. I’m sure you have 5 minutes to spare.
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