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Cristian de La Luna

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January 26

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Downtown Edmonton Community League

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Cristian de la Luna was born in the Colombia of Garcia Marquez. He grew up in the noisy bustle of Cumbia, Porro and San Juanero. He played the trumpet in a traditional Colombian music ensemble, a “papayera” and percussion in the school band, It is there that he found the unalterable passion of his life: music.

When he emigrated to Quebec, at the age of 17, the exile and the nostalgia served him to compose his first songs, play his first concerts and made his first tours in the province of the “language of Molière” .

The sad and unjust history of his exile from Colombia and the adaptation in his country of adoption; Canada, shaped this “new wave » Canadian, As culturally diverse polyglot and an human rights activist, Cristian seeks with his music, promoting the unification of races and religions, crushing divisions, and dismantling the chronic neglect of those who stop dreaming.