Edmonton, AB | Alternative

Midnight Peg

Winterruption Performance Details

show date
January 28

show time
9:50 pm

show venue
Rocky Mountain Icehouse

show notes:

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amiskwacîwâskahikan/Edmonton post-hardcore band, Midnight Peg’s climactic performance, genre-crossing experimental take on scramz and steady stream of shows has quickly gained a diverse and loyal following. Their self-released, debut album Horn Colic is a sample of Midnight Peg’s bizarre intuition. Short, catchy songs fuse the subversive aggression of Queercore and Riot Grrrl movements with the heartfelt, post-hardcore soundscape of the decade that followed. The result : sonic blister then mess of fluid. Melodically distorted riffs, heavy-driving drums, thick bass and thoughtful, frenzied vocals raise as many eyebrows as fists.  As Cups N’ Cakes writer Drew Cox says, “It slices, it dices, it feels vital. It feels great. Like a welcome slap to the face. You know you needed it.”