Edmonton, AB | Jazz

Good Information

Winterruption Performance Details

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January 28

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Station on Jasper

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Recently coming off a short hiatus in Europe, Edmonton based ensemble Good Information returns to debut a host of original compositions written in Finland. The band boasts a sound rooted in jazz but borrowing from head-nodding hip-hop loops, soulful neo-soul harmonies and math-rock’s dizzying time signatures. Their unique brand of “jazz with a beat-aesthetic” shines through improvisational interplay woven over minimalist structures; one moment they’re a groove-making machine, the next, a blur of collective improvisation. Good Information maintains the traditional elements of small-combo jazz, allowing the music to take shape in the moment as they react to each other.

Good information has become a significant part of the Edmonton music community through their unique distinct shows. Most significantly, their “REJAZZ” show series, which features the music of popular hip-hop artists arranged for their jazz context. Each happens for one night only. Alongside local rappers appearing as guests, they never fail to fill the house. Its success landed them 2 residencies at The Common running in 2020: A monthly residency featuring other young jazz groups, and a quarterly residency for REJAZZ which, so far, has covered Kendrick Lamar, Tyler The Creator, A Tribe Called Quest and Frank Ocean. Next: Kanye West arranged for band + string quartet.