Welcome to Winterruption YEG

Edmonton is Festival City - but that should account for more than June through September.

WINTERRUPTION YEG is made for Edmontonians - live music, drag, comedy, outdoor events, craft beer and community.

The Winterruption YEG festival takes place  January in Edmonton. The multi-venue music and arts festival rolls out in multiple venues in downtown Edmonton. In addition to inside events, Winterruption features a number of free outdoor activities in the downtown core.

Started in conjunction with Saskatoon and Regina Winterruption festivals, and Calgary’s Big Winter Classic, Winterruption YEG hopes to work closely with the arts community of Edmonton and greater Western Canadian winter arts festivals to create a truly unique festival experience. Using the leverage of the past five years of Winterruption SK and Big Winter Classic Calgary, Producer Brent Oliver (Sidetrack Cafe, Foundation Concerts, UP+DT Festival) will to share talent and resources with other winter partners in Edmonton and throughout the West.

With event prices ranging from free to $49 weekend wristbands, the aim of the community winter arts festival is inclusivity and promotion of the arts in a snowy setting. Every show will also be subject to a safe and inclusive space policy, and a number of events will be geared towards all ages and family communities, as well as 18+. Programming will be diverse and inclusive, in genre, gender, sexuality, age and culture.

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Big Winter Classic 5 calgary

BIG Winter Classic was born out of an idea to celebrate Calgary year-round, not just in the fleeting summer months. Arts, music local beer and YOU collide at BIG Winter Classic for a four-day winter wonderland weekend.

We take the best and funnest people in our city and put them in a room together to create, imagine, dream, drink and play, all in the dead of winter. Because we’re Calgarians and dancing under patio heaters when it’s -15C outside actually sounds perfect.

Let’s not hide away this winter, let’s emerge from our homes and into our community; let’s re-group after the holidays and kick off the new year with glee; let’s bundle up and support our thriving music scene.

winterruption sk

We proudly co-founded Winterruption in 2016 with our pals at Regina Folk Festival also rolling it out in their city. Going into our 5th annual we have grown to +25 live shows (music, comedy, theatre, dance, podcasts and more) in 9 Saskatoon venues, as well as a number of excellent, free outdoor events. In the longest, coldest, darkest month of the year we are giving thousands of people great reasons to leave their house and brave the prairie cold.

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In 2020, the magical beast that is Winterruption turns 5! As part of the 2019 Regina Folk Fest Concert Series and with a taste of the summer Festival itself, we at the RFF along with our founding partner The Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon will present 5 wonderful days of musical warmth on some of the coldest days of the year.  This year we will be expanding across the prairies partnering with Winterruption YEQ and Big Winter Classic in Calgary. On January 22nd through 26th Regina will get a whole lot cooler thanks to Winterruption. Each year varies from each other in form and content but are always unequivocally beautiful successes and we look forward to sharing great music with Regina audiences once again.